About Me

Growing up in rural Kansas I never appreciated my rural farmgirl roots. I was actively involved in several agricultural organizations among numerous other endeavors but these never had a deep meaning for me then as agriculture does for me today. After a short stint living the college life and then city life, I have returned to my roots to see what this rural lifestyle can mean for me today.

I am presently serving as a Family Nutrition Program Assistant. In this position I am able to teach nutrition to different groups of people of all ages and encourage healthy lifestyles to those from low income backgrounds. 

I am passionate about good food. Sometimes, okay many times, to the snobish point. I try my best to eat fresh whole foods, artisan bread as often as I can get it or bake it myself, and to know exactly where my food comes from. I love to share my passion for food with others, hosting dinner guests, and doing my best to keep my friends and neighbors loaded with baked goods.

Recently I made the move from farm life to life in the small town of Abilene, Kansas. I decided that being closer to friends, community, and my work were more important than being right beside my giant garden. It has been a fabulous transition and something that I anticipate bringing many rewards in the form of new relationships very soon. 

I believe that God gives us all unique passions and gifts and it is our purpose to live them out daily. This is me, attempting to grow my own food, cook it up for others to enjoy, and share life with others in community. Sometimes I may be a little too crazy for this small town, rural Kansas girl, but I like to remind myself and others that Jesus was a radical and he did a lot of things that people were uncomfortable with. That's my goal; live life so radically different from the rest of the world that when people look at me they see not me but my Creator.

I know not what tomorrow may bring. But here I am embracing today and discovering creation along the way!

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