Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's been a while..

  1. Since I last blogged. Our rural route internet service decided to stop working for about a week. Then I proceeded to contract the common cold and was not really feeling like talking about life, only felt like sleeping. Then I decided maybe I'd just stop spending so much time talking about myself, but then again I remembered I kinda like hearing other people respond. 
  2. Since I ate 3 donuts in two days. This would be lab number 10: Functionality of Flour in Yeast Doughnuts. Life is rough frying up the dough for educational purposes. I'm really glad I didn't eat 7 in one lab like a student did today.
  3. Since I last ate bacon. Yes, the students really did make maple glazed bacon donuts. Not gonna lie, I had to try it. It was quite tasty.
  4. Since I've exercised. Sickness = zero motivation to move more than absolutely necessary. Even more rough to get back in the routine of exercising after taking a good 10 days off.
  5. Since I wore a stocking cap. Definitely got one out last weekend and anticipate using another this weekend. I'm ready for cold weather outside, winter jackets, many scarves and hats. Now if only I had somebody to snuggle with on a cold evening. Just keep praying, just keep praying.
  6. Since I thanked my God for all His blessings on my life. Even though I struggle with direction and purpose with where I am at, I know that He is faithful and good!


    1. Hmm, that's not how I pictured the Maple Glazed Donuts but they still look tasty! Did Dave have one? I'm praying for your snuggle buddy! :)

    2. I missed your blogs, dear friend! I'm sorry you haven't been well, but I applaud your endlessly positive attitude. I've had bacon donuts and they ARE good (in extreme moderation, that is. I try to limit my donut intake to about ~2 per year).

      Can't wait to see you over Christmas!