Monday, December 5, 2011

Jack Frost

Jack Frost finally decided to visit Kansas. Last night as I went to get on my bike to ride home from a friend's house I noticed that my seat was covered in frost as well as my side mirror. I joked to my friends that I was going to need a ice scraper so I could see out of my mirror. It was chilly. Today I decided to bundle up and go for the bike ride to work. After arriving at work, my legs and fingers were numb, my glasses fogged over, and my core body sweaty. I have decided that I have an awesome down jacket that keeps my core nice and warm and zips right up to my nose, however, the rest of my body is lacking. The ride home tonight in the 25 degree cold into a strong north wind was simply ridiculous. Despite the cold, I'm going to grin and bear it because somebody has to start a revolution!

Get on those bicycles people. Save some gas money and burn those calories!

On other news regarding the weather it is making our community garden progress come to a halt. We have been waiting on a local business to haul some compost to our garden so that we can complete our first plowing of the ground. Today as I attempted to arrange alternative movers of the compost I was told that we will need weather of at least 40 degrees in order to effectively haul and dump compost. With it being so cold, the material sticks to the side of the dump truck bed and literally freezes in place making dumping the material impossible. With that being said, I think we're stuck and going to have to wait on Jack Frost to exit the scene for a while before we can do anything. Sad day, but what can we do?

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