Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sewing Upcycle

Project #1: Homemade baby burp clothes upcycled from cloth diapers.

That's right folks, I found the cloth diapers that my mother used on my very own bum in a long lost stashed away box in my parents' house. Thanks to a lovely idea found online I was able to embellish them a bit and they are now cute burp clothes. Super absorbent and now kinda cute I think they'll work perfectly.

Project #2: Alter too-short long pants into capri pants.

I got this pair of brand new, tag still in place, nice pants at a recent friend garage sale. Initially I was thinking I would let out the hem because that's what I normally do when my pants are too short. This time I decided instead to shorten them even more and make them capri pants. It is summertime after all and I could use some shorter pants. Simply chop off and re-hem to desired length. I additionally went ahead and sewed up the sides just a bit to account for the wide leg style of pants.

Did I mention these pair of pants were FREE!

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