Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Although I've never been much of a writing type of person I always appreciate the moments of my life when I get really excited about dedicated journaling. I've always been more of a concrete thinker than an abstract contemplative thinker. However, I love the stages I've gone through when thinking, questioning, and recording thoughts have been a priority. Honestly, the past year of my life, I did not spend much time recording such thoughts. As I look back in my journal I am still in the same journal that I started 4/27/08. It's not even very big but it's taken me quite some time to finish it up. But over the past couple of weeks I have finally made the time to journal, to record praise moments of life, to list joys, to contemplate scripture, to pray. All I can say is God continues to bless my life. Although much of life doesn't always make sense and I am still quite uncertain just where he is taking me, I feel his presence and I feel his blessings.

Praise God for:
  • Continuing to share life at Three Roods Farm
  • Learning opportunties in organic gardening, planting garlic, harvesting potatoes
  • Day trip to Frankenmuth, MI on a day off including German food delight, fudge samples, bread samples, wool yarn shops
  • Pumpkin Raisin cookie with cream frosting in Frankenmuth
  • Columbiaville Chili Cookoff - so fun to sample and judge the town's best chili makers
  • Sunrise on a Frosty morning
  • Wildlife on a morning walk
  • Earth Prayers
  • Sabbath Day
  • Chicken soup straight from the farm
  • French Toast with apples crisp and black current sauce on top
  • Spiritual sharing time
  • Roasted root vegetable medley
  • Hour long conversations with old friends
  • Answered prayers
  • Hanging out with youth after school, playing some really great board games
  • Quiet time on a regular basis
  • Changing of seasons evident in beautiful landscapes

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  1. I got to glean over a ton of potatoes with a few Westview friends a few weeks ago...I thought of you while I dug those muddy things up by hand. It was so so so much fun to do some hard work! Our crop was donated to the Bread Basket. Your life is encouraging to me, beautiful sister! Grace and peace,