Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Time goes on

Today I was thinking about how being away from home for so long on this adventure has kind of left me with a messed up sense of time. Can it really be the last week of October? For some reason I feel like when I go back home it will still be early fall and give me plenty of time to complete the work to be done outside. However, I forget that as I'm away time is still going on, everywhere, and as I watch the trees become barren it is quickly coming upon the end of autumn season. It seems like it was frigid the entire time I was in Michigan. My final day spent in the state was the warmest day of my three week stay. Since being in Ohio, the weather has been awesome. Yesterday I got hot and sweaty in my t-shirt as I stood in the sun and painted garage doors. The weather for this week is 60-70's. Amazing!

I have made my way via Indianoplis to this current state of Ohio. Butternut Farms Retreat and Educational Center is where I am making my current residence for the next week or two. It has been a good first couple of days and a definite time of retreat. Time has been ample for spending quiet time reading and relaxing. They do not have internet and this has given me time to simply be. I've found that although I do not spend much time watching television on a normal basis, I do spend quite a bit of time on the internet. So without internet I have been trying to take advantage of the blessing of time without technology. It's great, however, I do appreciate this opportunity to visit the local library and use some internet access.

With that being said, my blogging this next couple of weeks will be limited. As much as I feel the need to check my email everyday, I have learned that it is definitely not necessary. The past 5 days without checking my email left me with 15 emails and only about two of them being worth anything. So no big loss there.

A few highlights of Butternut Farms and my activities thus far:
  • There is basically a full service petting zoo going on here. The animals include: goats, llamas, horses, chickens, ducks, rabbits, dogs, and cats. Kind of amusing to watch llamas. I think I have always been under the impression that llamas spit and are gross, but they haven't spit on me yet, although they have definitely invaded my personal space numerous times. Imaine a large llama breathing in your ear, kind of creepy. Bunnies are super cute and remind me of the bunny I had when I was eight. I won't be getting them again anytime soon, they smell just a little more than they seem worth.
  • I've been getting on my construction skills. There are several projects we've been working on including constructing rabbit bench pens, boarding up a some doorways, creating a shelter roof on the goat barn.
  • I've met a super hard working dude that dug out a 40 inch trench to lay a water line. I took a look at the trench and my only thought was, "This is what back hoes are for." He doesn't talk much, but I have learned a lot from his quiet work and dedication.
  • Hopefully we will start construction on a lean-to greenhouse using recycled windows. I'm thinking this could be a great learning experience so I could go use those windows my parents have stored at home in a useful manner.
  • Mom, last night we ate cabbage rolls and I was definitely reminded of you. My host mom eats them with ketchup, I declined not only the ketchup but the Kraft Mac & cheese we ate as well. You'd be so proud, look how I've grown!

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  1. Good to hear from you finally. Tara called tonight and I found out you are in Ohio, and after reading this blog finally located you on google earth. I see that they are also planning to build an outdoor oven for bread or maybe they have already done that. Take lots of pictures while you are building, kind of like Carl did when his mom was cooking instead of just writing down the recipe. I gather that there is a smaller town closer to the farm than Glenford. That looks like a good drive to Glenford and actually the farm looks like it's in a different county. Interesting. Had hoped to burn today, but didn't feel up to it, so will reschedule with the fire deptmt.

    Keep your nose buttoned,


    Aunt Carol