Saturday, January 16, 2010


Today was one of those days where we experiece many emotions and feelings. Today I felt happy, overwhelmed, excited, joyous, grief, relief and mostly I gained a lot of perspective. I don't typically watch a lot of TV. With the current crisis in Haiti, anybody that watches even a bit of news broadcasts has seen much of despair and tragedy that is being broadcasted worldwide. With my avoidance of much of the outside news world I have not seen these images in Haiti. Today, that changed.

I joined a group of people from my church as we traveled to El Dorado, Kansas to take part in an initiative to save starving people. Humana is a relief organization that organizes people to come and package dried food packets to be distributed to starving people worldwide. Apparantely their first event was held less than a month ago and with the crisis in Haiti their efforts were called together in a quick response to the need for food. We took a few hours out of our day to pour some soy protein, vegetables, and rice into bags. It was an exciting event to take part in as so many people showed up to give their time for others.

During the event they showed pictures of the disaster on a big screen. Here is where the perspective comes in. Once again I can only be thankful for the blessings of home, family and friends, and food that I need not worry about. Perspective shows me that at any moment it can all be gone. Each day is a blessing and we must take advantage of every moment.

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