Saturday, April 16, 2011


I'm 25 years old and I'm moving into my own place for the very first time. This means that I have zero furniture and will be starting from scratch. In my mind this sounds completely ridiculous but I've always lived with other people and in furnished places. So where to start? It is the perfect time of the year for garage sales and such to find furnishings, and I've actually made it a little goal of mine to not buy anything new. So far I've dug through the giant pile of random furnishings being held up in a grain bin on the farm and have decided to use several things. These include a really comfy full size mattress and box-springs, a lovely antique dining table, several other antique tables, the rocker my parents used with me when I was a baby, a dresser, and two very old trunks. The apartment I'm moving into was built in the 70s and I thought I would round out the decor with more vintage things. I spent the entire day sanding, staining, and painting this old furniture and while doing so thought that I really should have taken before and after pictures. You'll get the after pictures after I get everything arranged in my new abode! Coming soon...


  1. Oohh I am excited!!
    So have you been living with your parents?
    And won't you miss all the access to outdoor space for gardening et cetera? Will we have no more stories of produce and chickens and vicious animal attacks?! What a shame.

    Craigslist is also an awesome place to find furniture. I got this awesome antique dresser for $50. Which I think was a steal.

    But it also sounds like you hit a jackpot with the loot you have already gathered. I am looking forward to the pictures. Good luck!

  2. Amanda, I'm going to ask mom if she has any donations for your new home. I can't wait to see it when I'm back in July!

  3. Sara, I have been living with the parents for a little of a year and a half. I struggled with actually deciding to move to town because my garden and chickens are on the farm. Fear not, I shall be traveling back to tend to them a couple times a week and my hope is by next season we'll have a community garden space in Abilene. I decided being closer to civilization, my friends, and church was more important than being right beside my garden. Oh decisions..

  4. Exciting! I love finding "new" used things at garage sales!

  5. Hurray for your very own home! Furniture will come. Slowly but surely. Decide on those knives yet?