Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Simple blessings

Today marked the final day of teaching my Kids A Cookin' and Movin' curriculum in the elementary schools for this year. It was my final class at Hope Elementary in the itty bitty town of Hope, Kansas. I often forget how fabulous attending a small rural school can be and how easy quality education comes with small class sizes and rural values. They were my favorite class. This would be due to the fact that they were the most behaved children. They were often sitting quietly waiting for me to show up and begin class. These were the kids that actually raise their hand to answer questions, and the kids that actually pay attention and give me correct answers. These are the kids that fight over who gets thirds on snack time, and also the children that gave me the greatest reward. I know that my time at the other schools has been worthwhile and rewarding as well but a girl feels extra special after a moment like today. Let me explain.

Today I was the recipient of a classroom group hug. The second grade teacher at Hope asked if I would like to participate in something they do for special people. It's a tradition in their classroom when somebody does something extra special to make them the center of the group hug. Quickly room was made in the middle of the classroom for me to be the middle of such group hug. I almost fell over with the 15 children that blessed me with their love. As I was leaving I was also handed a stack of handmade thank you cards. These children simply made my day. They were amazing and as I think back on the five weeks spent with them, I should be saying thank you for all the simple blessings I received!

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