Saturday, September 8, 2012

Western Colorado

I'm back in the drivers seat of the 1994 Dodge Conversion Van with Go Walk America plastered across the sides. It's a wild ride in Western Colorado and I've been pleasantly surprised by the beauty even in the midst of drought. It's brown, but by golly, there is just something about mountains that make the brown country still so beautiful. We've done a considerable amount of driving back and forth across Mouffat County along Highway 40 here in northwestern Colorado. There is simply not much out here and our gracious hosts that allow us to stay multiple nights have been in the nice town of Craig. After we passed through Maybell, CO there was a sign that said, "no gas for 57 miles." It's no lie, the rolling mountains keep coming, the brush remains that only vegetation, and random herds of antilope and deer are far outnumber the people. Tomorrow we will make it to the Utah state line and officially leave the state of Colorado.

Once again I am continually surprised by folks that are so giving. Giving of space, giving of time, giving of funds, giving of food. God is so good and Barrett continues to teach me about relying on His provisions as things always seem to work out. We may not have many places to stay lined out in advance, but there is always a place to lay the head and some kind of food to eat.

I've fallen back into the role of food critic for Barrett and at least making him think twice about drinking pop and eating so many Clif Bars as a main staple of his diet. I've been blessed to be able to serve Barrett and do my job of cooking healthful food when I can and packing up his backpack with a little bit of nutrition for the journey.

I would include pictures here but I've been taking them on my iPod and uploading them to facebook so this small moment that I have on B's laptop I'll leave to text. Check out my photo history so far on FB here.

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