Thursday, August 30, 2012


As I sit here in my half empty apartment, I'm reminded that this life is so temporary. I'm in one of those fabulous life transitions that at this precise moment seems a bit scary. I'm starting to doubt my decision to quit my perfectly good stable job, pack up my stuff, and move to a place where I really have no definite plans. I'm doubting whether I really want to risk the unknown, whether I'm really as brave as I think I am or whether I'm just a crazy person for taking that step that is so very counter-cultural. I'm confident that eventually I will discover that next step that I am supposed to take. I am confident that this move will result in great growth in my own personal faith, but it doesn't make this unknown transition moment any easier. I continue to remind myself that Jesus doesn't call us to live comfortable confident lives. I actually really like he was probably considered the crazy dude, his actions didn't make sense to others, and every place that he stayed was only temporary. 

So tonight I'm packing up my possessions. I'm trying to remind myself that if transition and change were easy everybody would be doing it. I do know that I am about to embark on another great traveling adventure and I'm pumped about that. Sunday I fly out to Denver to join my friend Barrett on the great walk across America. Check out for a few more details if you're unfamiliar with that journey. He's crazy. I'm crazy. We get along well! I'll be with him for about another month and then I'll move my life on to the next temporary place. So while this moment of packing up and leaving my home in Abilene, KS is so bittersweet I am thankful for my time here while remaining excited for the future to come.

On another note, I've been cleaning out the freezer and cupboards and came up with this fabulous concoction. Super easy and delicious!

Real Food Island Popsicle
  • 1 can coconut milk
  • 1 can crushed pineapple in juice, not syrup
  • Liquid stevia extract, (I used about 2 syringe squirts)
  • Strawberries (handful?)
Blend it up. Put it into molds. Freeze. Enjoy your tasty treat!

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