Thursday, September 3, 2009

Miss Handy Woman

My dad gets a subscription of HandyMan magazine. It's rather humorous because he is far from handy. Maybe it's because he gives of himself to 5 billion community organizations, and runs his own business. I don't know but the term handyman is just kind of a joke around this house. Until....Handy Woman comes home.

Today I mounted and properly installed my first ever ceiling fan! That's right. The new outdoor ceiling fan that has been sitting in the box on the back porch for probably two years now is no longer in the box but hanging from the ceiling. And it works, I might add, properly. Add that to the leaky toilet I fixed yesterday and I think I qualify for the handy woman status.

Enough about my accomplishments, it really just takes time, patience, and the ability to read directions. I'm thanking Chapman Elementary School for that one. I've also been blessed with this time to hang out and figure out how I can surprise my parents with crazy projects around this farm. Thanks Lord.

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  1. You are awesome and inspirational! Mona