Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Not exactly what I had planned

Here's a funny story....
1st day back on the ranch, aka Lindahl homestead, I exit the home ready to attack the monster of an overgrown garden my parents have allowed to grow. Upon not really being able to find anything with the 3 feet tall weeds and grass, I proceeded to get out the mower. Maybe I can just mow all this crap down and then get to the tomato plants and maybe find the onions. But this overgrown mess is a little much for even the push mower, yes it is going to need a brush hog I'm afraid, too bad I'm fresh out of those. You know how I am, I've got a mower right here and this front yard needs a mowing as well, I might as well get started. So, begin me mowing the front yard. I think I'm pretty good; mowing in straight lines to get the back and forth lines action going in this small yard. I'm doing great, until.......I try to mow under and around some of what my father calls his nursery, aka bushes and small trees all growing in a patch together. As I'm bent down pushing back and forth I happen to pull the mower back and turn around to switch directions, turning right into a nice little tree with a twig small enough and pointy enough to stab me in the eye. It hurt, but I'm a big girl, I can suck it up. Maybe......

A couple of hours later, after realizing the pain is not going away and my eye will not stop watering, Mom decides to take me to the eye doctor. Yeah for small towns and doctor's offices where I can walk in, tell my sob story - haha literally my eye will not stop sobbing - and get in to see the doctor immediately. He proceeds to tell me, "Oh you did more than just scratch your eye, it's a pretty good cut there." That's nice, I was hoping he would tell me to suck it up, no problem, because when there is an issue, this means, a funky bandaid contact, weird antibiotic gel stuff and a checkup in two days. I'm so talented. Wonder if my dad has workman's comp for the workers on his farm?

Two days later, today, I return to the doctor. It feel 10 times better and I am allowed to remove the contact bandaid. My nice doctor thought it was humorous when I told him yesterday I wore my old chemistry goggles while mowing and cutting tree branches. I was paranoid and decided the old clear bulky things surely come in handy. He also told me that my eye has healed much faster than he predicted. I said that it must be because I ate my carrots, but he's confident that it's really because I wore my chemistry goggles. So yeah, my eye is fine, but definitely took the plans I had for my first three days at home on a different path. I also have a great testimony how important eating fruits and veggies are in body healing. For real. No lie, they work.

Maybe tomorrow I'll finally get to organizing my stuff and remove the huge pile from my mom's dining room.

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  1. Whew, you klutzy kid, altho I understand what you were up against. I was waiting for you to say you ran into a snake nest. lolol Glad to know all is well with your eye.

    Got your donation stuff delivered today and will be glad to get out home tomorrow and unload the rest. Finally figured out what was rattling and moved it around. Off to do laundry.

    Hugs,, Aunt Carol