Saturday, November 14, 2009

Germ Attack

The nasty sickness of the season has finally attacked me. I have been bragging about avoiding sickness of all kinds thus far and now just when I think maybe I'll make my entire trip a healthy one, I get sick. I have been enjoying much time of relaxation while in Philly. Not really getting out too much, but reading, cooking and cleaning inside instead. This is where I lay the blame for sickness. Until now the majority of my days have been outside soaking up the fresh air and sun, but upon entering this Philly house I have succombed to the germs of lovely ladies living here that carry them. I'll survive no doubt.

Today Shoff and I went to a Neighborhood Non-Violence Training. It was hosted by a Peacemaking Intentional Community house called Shalom. The workshop training day was a really interesting experience talking about and doing role plays on conflict situations. I think that my reflections of the day might include the reminder of just how sheltered my life has been. These people living in Philly attended the training because many of them experience dramatic conflict situations on a regular basis. Whether people are fighting on their block, selling drugs on the corner, or verbally abusing each other in the check-out line the conflict and the need for peacemakers is so very needed. Not that we don't have conflict in small town Kansas but the urgency for resolution is not as evident. When a life is on the line the urgency becomes pretty evident. So we discussed several methods of entering the situation and becoming a mediator. So I guess you could say I'm now ready to intervene in the next conflict situation in the grocery store line.

Tonight we're going to veg out and soak up the relaxation of a great Saturday night. We might make some vegan cinnamon buns. Mmm lowfat and healthy!

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  1. Ah, I'm sorry. Hope it's only a cold, but know those can be miserable. Finally got my flu shot this week, but am on another antibiotic for another problem. Take care and put the old vicks sock around your neck. :))


    Aunt Carol