Monday, November 9, 2009

Love my sister

Recently, I was showing my new friend Sue, pictures of my family. When people ask if I look more like my father or my mother I usually say a good combination of both of them. However, there is no getting around the fact that my sister and I look very much alike. As I showed Sue pictures of us, it took her a while to figure out which one I was. When I was younger I hated always being referred to as Tara's sister or little Lindahl. But now, I appreciate the recognition of being Tara's sister and actually am quite proud to be another Lindahl. I did get to spend a couple of days with my lovely sister, Tara, in Indianopolis at the National FFA Convention. Good times.

Funny stories to come in the near future....Tara and I are both moving in the same house together. Not just any house, but the Lindahl house. That's right, Mom and Dad might never have imagined having their two 20's something daughters living under their roof again, but here we come. Should be quite entertaining.

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  1. Oh My, you're both moving home? lolololol I know your folks will be very happy!! Thanks for my chuckle for the day.


    Aunt Carol