Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lancaster County

I think that Lancaster County kind of sounds like a mystery novel or maybe a television sitcom. But the Lancaster County I visited today with my best friend, Miss Jessica Shoffner, was neither of those. It is the Mennonite congregation in South Pennsylvania. It was quite an experience. We decided as much fun as touristville can be it would have been much more fun had we been about our parents' age and possibly possessing more money to spend on Amish buggy rides and handmade brooms. We did, however, visit the oldest standing market building in the country I believe. It was pretty neat, but not exactly all I had it cracked out to be. The cranberry apricot bread I bought is quite tasty and the sesame sticks that Shoff bought are nearly gone. After a short jaunt around town looking for thrift stores that ended up being expensive vintage stores we exited the town of Lancaster in search of some good Dutch food and bulk food stores. Bulk food stores we found and several Smoragsboard restaurants featuring what appeared to us as the glorified Sirloin Stockade. Nothing that really excited the vegetarian and food snob crew we make up. Our appetites were suppressed by bread, chocolate milk, some good cheese and bologna snack bag, free samples of salsas and fruit butters, more sesame chips and an apple. If we were relying on the great Dutch food to make our trip complete we might have been let down. But lucky for us the day was really made complete by the numerous men plowing the fields with teams of horses, buggies on the roads carrying families to town, two adorable old men playing guitar and bango in Bird in Hand, pigmy goats at a petting zoo, and many many dairy cows. It was a fun day out of the city but back to the city we came for some really great food at Dos Segundos.


  1. What? Vegetarian's eating bologna? lololol

    The area sounds a bit like parts of Missouri with the buggies.

    Have fun you two.


    Aunt Carol

  2. I eat bologna on this special occasion. I am not a vegetarian..today.

  3. ooooook. :)) You might find canned chicken breast too, but it is probably more expensive and if on the road, probably wouldn't have a can opener along. I never buy the sandwich sliced meats cause they are so high in sodium of course. I don't know if you could buy like two slices of fresh chicken breast from the meat counter. You need a picnic basket for traveling. :))