Thursday, February 18, 2010


Grading baking laboratory reports makes my head hurt. Right about now I am really wondering how much I actually learned while pursueing my own bakery sciency degree. So much of the formal education system is about hearing or reading something and then regurgitating it at a later date. When that date passes, the information gained tends to leave the mind. It isn't until we are asked to upchuck it again do we really know how much we learned or did not. Seriously, grading these lab reports has showed me how many of the details I simply forgot or never truely understood. It is now that others' grades are dependent on me that I am forced to attempt to really understand. I'm learning a lot, but it comes with a little bit of pain. A headache as I read and reread the same material over and over again. The comprehension is coming, this is good.

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