Saturday, February 27, 2010

Great day to be alive!

My morning started early. Quite early for a Saturday morning as I arose slightly after my alarm clock went off at 5:30 am. You know in the moment I think, "Why am I actually doing this? Getting up this early so I can drive to Topeka for a service appointment on Mom's car a 7:30am. It's definitely not that big of a deal and now that I am into the morning hours I am quite thankful for the appointment that started my day off early.

The Lord blessed me abundantly this morning with an amazing sunrise. Prior to the viewing of the giant ball of flame on the horizon I enjoyed using my imagination to see the mountains view that was created from a cloud formation with just the right light to really appear as if I was traveling into the mountains.  I have already gotten the oil change and enjoyed the free coffee in the waiting room. Following this brief appointment in Topeka I zipped on over to Lawrence for my favorite stop, WheatFields. Let's just say that WheatFields at 9am on a Saturday is quite crazy. But I love it. I thoroughly enjoyed my fritata sandwich on sourdough bread. I left the store with three loaves of bread and a bran muffin. Presently, I am enjoying my pumpkin pie latte at a nearby book store and hope to finally order my seeds for the future abundant life on Round-to-it Farms.

Life is good and God is Greater!

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