Friday, February 12, 2010


I woke up this morning pretty excited for the day. Tara walked by my room and announced her excitement for the day as well and we both decided that it was going to be a great day! Attitude is everything; I only wish I could wake up everyday as excited to get it going. What would that take?

IHOP harvest grain and nut pancakes loaded with blueberries and topped with banana made the start to my day great! Did you know they have bottomless pancakes and coffee there? Imagine what you would turn into if you sat there daily and ate pancake after pancake, cup after cup of coffee. Do you think they ever have to throw people out for doing that? I wonder. We went to breakfast with neighbor friends. So good to have such great community out here.

I may not have a personal Valentine this weekend, but my boss/advisor, Dave, gave me a valentine. Never can go wrong with chocolate. After he gave me that, he advised I get the small portion at lunch and make sure to swim hard at the Y. Thanks Dave.

Lunch at The Chef ( was great. Tara and I ate with a former student of Tara's and housemate of mine. She's pretty great and the veggie wrap and homestyle potatoes I ate were scrumptious. Even though I didn't eat the smallest portion possible, we did make it to swimming at YMCA. Nothing like a good swim before the afternoon naptime.

Tara and I are headed to KC tomorrow to visit my favorite McDowell family ever and probably eat some more really great food. Tonight I made pumpkin bread for added dining delight! Mmm.

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