Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Homemade stock

I'm pretty pumped to start sipping on my very own homemade bone broth stock. I've been quite inspired by many posts reflecting on the health benefits of homemade stock and I hope to cash in on some of those benefits. Do you know why chicken noodle soup can be so healing during the common cold? It's the bone broth in the soup that is literally healing to the body. Using free-range healthy animal bones increases the healthful effects gained by slow simmering them with veggie scraps. I've put mine into the crockpot and intend to let it simmer on low for the week. I'll take out my broth and simply add additional water and let it keep going. The slow simmer releases gelatin from the bones as well as all those immunity boosting properties.

In my slow cooker are six pasture raised chicken feet, two chicken necks, one pork-chop bone and my quart size freezer bag of onion peels and celery ends that I keep in the freezer. I added several whole peppercorns and some salt and let it go! Homemade stock can be made with any variety of bones, chicken carcasses, and veggie scraps. Give it a try and feel the health benefits soaking in!

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