Sunday, January 27, 2013

Love d'Haiti

This is the second post in a series reflecting on my short vision trip to Haiti with the Global Orphan Project. Find the first post of observations here.

Exactly one week ago I was sitting in Haiti taking part in a time of sharing and reflection with a group of people that I had just met three days earlier. It's amazing how much God can move and unite people when we come together with one common purpose, spend three short but very eventful days together, and experience life so very outside the norm. This group of people I had just met were already folks that meant so much to me, encouraged me greatly, and inspired me to be more. Each night while in Haiti we shared memories and honored each other for exhibiting leadership, service, risk, and compassion. Each of our evening reflection times were filled with laughter and tears as we truly united as a big family.

This week as I've been enjoying viewing the numerous pictures that friends have shared and trying to process through my own thoughts. I keep coming back to one word: Love. Love knows no boundaries, needs no words, and is given to us unconditionally. I can't stop thinking about the first village we visited. As we filed off the bus the children were standing in great assembly singing beautiful songs to greet us. They sang several amazing songs and then were finished. The moment they stopped singing, every single one of them immediately rushed out to greet us. Many jumped into arms and clang tight to a new friend they had never met before. Many of us described the scene as if they had already picked out exactly who they wanted to spend time with, who they wanted to bless with their love. These kids loved us before they had any idea who we were. Their trust in us to love them back was instantaneous. This event happened over and over as we interacted with different children wherever we went. The children had so much love to give and all they wanted was love in return.

As I sit here now reflecting on the love that was exchanged in Haiti I am so very thankful. I learned a lot from the undeserved, unconditional love of Haitian children. It is just a beautiful description of the love that God lavishes on us. We are undeserving and do not earn it, yet God graciously loves us despite all our shortcomings. He loves us so that we may love others.

John 15:12-13 My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

I've been challenged to live each day loving God and loving others with that same reckless abandon. Praise God for smiles, high fives, hugs, tears, laughter, and the opportunities to experience a piece of the Kingdom of God in Haiti.

Receiving a little encouragement and love along the way.

Yes, we are that cool.


  1. So beautiful, Amanda Suzanne. You continue to amaze me. I'm glad my kids get to grow up knowing a woman like you!

  2. Love right back at you, Amanda. Thank you for being on the journey last week...