Wednesday, December 30, 2009


As I think back over this month of Holiday celebration, I must say it has been very good. I love Christmas and all the gathering of people, making of much food, celebration of our Savior's birth, laughing with family and friends, and eating a lot. I'm going to go ahead and say that the shopping I did yesterday was not a boost to my previous nutrition educator's weight loss goals. Right after this wedding where I shall undoubtably eat at least two pieces of the best chocolate mocha cake I make, I will start caring about what I put in my body. Mayber right after I quit working in a bake lab will I go on the Atkins diet. Oh wait, I'm just starting work in the bake lab and I will never ever again go on the Atkins diet. (That was one very bad month in high school, all Mom's idea.)

I think that I finished my holiday traditions tonight after visiting my neighbor, whom I visit every year at Christmas to view her theme decorated tree. We had the neighborhood gathering, a new tradition. We brought out some FFA members for an officer party. And I had my high school friends out for some holiday catching up as well. This is definitely the party house and I'm actually thinking about being a party planner.

I hope that everybody as a fabulous New Year's Eve party without me. Sad I won't be able to break Aunt Carol's wooden spoons as I bang pots and pans, but I shall be right here sleeping so I can get up early and decorate me some wedding cake. I can hardly believe that my little Smurthie sister is getting married. The even more sad part, I mean exciting part is that in the next year, two more of my sisters shall become one with another. So crazy. Aren't the Mama and Papa Pookies supposed to get married first? Oh well, it is time to start celebrating!

The Lord is good and faithful and his plans are so much greater than mine. Lord, help me remember this.

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