Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Homemade Joys!

Tonight I had a realization. Looking out my window I'm noticing that the moon is so big and bright. The full moon must be coming soon. In my previous life I would have cared less about the dates of the full moon and probably not noticed much except the big glowing ball of light in the sky. However, after reading The Red Tent, I feel much more interested in monitoring the full moon and how it affects everyday life. After doing a quick google search to see when the next full moon is I learned it is tomorrow. Tomorrow, December 2nd, is the next full moon. "Holy cow!" This is where I realized that today is December 1st. The first day of December and I enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and breeze with only a long sleeve shirt on. This is really hard to believe. I know that 3 days ago I helped my mom put up the Christmas tree but seriously, it's December 1st? I haven't even gotten out my winter coat yet.

Alas. December 1st brought a first for me today as well. I like to remember the first time I accomplish things. A quick correction to the number of states that I recently visited. That would be nine states, not eight. And four new states including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia that have felt my presence. I'm proud. Anyway, my first today was......making my very own homemade Christmas wreath. Today I managed to forage the great wild forest of the Lindahl farmstead and find greenery for free just hanging out on a couple of pine and cedar trees. I added to it a few pinecones and some red berries from some other bush and I think I did a pretty marvelous job. Now if only it didn't take 2 hour to forage and construct I might be able to say I saved a whole bunch of money from buying those cheap $15 wreaths at Lowe's. But then again, time is money. Hey, I had fun doing it and now I can add it to my tricks of the trade. Add that to the resume.

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