Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2010 Kansas Chicken Massacre

Ever seen Texas Chainsaw Massacre? I saw pieces of it one time while in high school. A couple of my friends thought it would be cool to start up chainsaws inside the house to scare everybody. Well, they succeeded and even though I was not in the same room I jumped at the sound of a chainsaw being fired up inside the house.

Sunday I also jumped at the sound of dogs barking and chickens squawking. After looking out my upstairs window and seeing chicken bodies laying on the ground and the demon Charlie dog in the middle of it all I ran outside before putting my shoes on to break up the fight. It was a sad evening because there was no fight, but a massacre of chickens in a matter of moments. The dog was like a cat in a field of butterflies, jumping after every moving thing. He killed, for sure, 11 chickens and three are written down as MIA. I was doing so well. Order 26 chickens in the mail, 7 weeks later only one initial death, until April 25th, 2010. I'm down to 11 chickens. They're the strong ones, the ones that fled the scene and left my mother, sister and I to chase/hunt down chickens in tall grass, trees, and random implements in the dusk of evening.

Sunday was their first moment of daylight, first step onto the real earth, grass, and great outside the chicken coop. It only took about three hours for them to venture out that open door and then about an hour later the majority of them to meet their maker.

I know they're just chickens and there will be more. Good thing is the demon dog is gone. Now I just have to work on a more substantial fence so demon animals can't climb under and get to my chickens. I want some freakin awesome eggs to eat!

Finally, a photo of the chicken coop.

Yes, that little demon killed half my flock in a matter of minutes. He has a dead chicken tied around his neck as somebody said this method would freak them out and they would never do it again. However, the joke was on me as morning after chicken is tied to neck, chicken is no longer, feathers only litter the ground. I never liked that dog anyway.


  1. This was so sad Amanda! And the dog looks so defeated in this picture, but we know the truth of his guilt. Do you still have the dog?

  2. Amazingly, my sister gave the dog to a student! So great, he's no longer a problem around here and he has a new home.