Sunday, May 2, 2010

Good News

After a not-so-great experience with the chickens last weekend, I would like to report that I have re-named my favorite chicken. She was the one free specialty chicken that I got with my order. She has feathers on the top of her head that stick up and she was the last live chicken I found after the massacre. I have officially named her "Princess Laya" because she's a laya! I think you have to say it with the ghetto thug accent to understand why the name is so great. On Monday I also built them a roost for their chicken coop; I figured since they'll be locked up in there for while now until we build a fence a roost would be nice.

The good news in the garden this weekend: We have tons of earthworms! I decided to forget about using the ancient, hard to manuever, really spastic rototiller. Therefore we have moved onto the no-till method of attack. As I transplanted my brussel sprouts and planted our four giant rows of corn, squash, and beans, I noticed that honestly 50% of the random holes I dug contained worms. Definitely good news!

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