Thursday, May 6, 2010

The L'oven Awards

Today was our last lab day for the Bakery Science II class. It's kinda crazy how fast the semester has gone and it has really been a most enjoyable experience as Bakery Lab Manager. Although the majority of time I feel as if I'm managing nothing, but simply following Dave around trying to be useful, I suppose my position is important. In honor of a great semester and the end of Bakery Lab for many students I decided to give awards to everybody. Sometimes I feel like being cheesy and today my cheesiness came at hopefully the right moment that the students felt special. One thing I have learned from Dave is that the students are our customers. They do pay a lot of money for this education and it is our responsibility to assist making their experience a good one. So today, the 1st ever L'oven Awards, everybody is a winner!

Oh and to make the day even more lovely, Mountain Bread and Challah! Mountain bread is definitely my favorite and will always be repeated with a slight raising of my voice while saying bread as if defeating a mountain.

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