Friday, May 14, 2010

Still here

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I'm still in the Bake Lab. I think I might be becoming more and more like this supervisor, advisor, father, giver of much great wisdom, teacher, comedian man named Dave. I know he spends much more time in here than his own home and although I do not think that to be ideal, I can see how it happens.

Today was a day of cake gone awry. It was definitely my own fault; the result of me trying out new formulas on the day of production. This is definitely not a good idea, but it has worked before so I figured it could work today. I'm also learning that I am not very productive when people I enjoy are around me. This would mean I happen to be a fairly chatty person and have not quite mastered the technique of scaling, mixing, and baking things while holding conversations. That and the fact that making my lunch, going to ice cream, and planning out life was a little more exciting than the task at hand. In the end, the greatest cake ever, Power Cocoa Cake will come to my rescue. I don't know why I even think about making anything else anyway.

Have I mentioned I think I'm over this cake baking business idea?

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  1. AMANDA! I didn't know you blogged! I blog! We are blogging buddies!! this is an exciting day.