Thursday, May 27, 2010

Terra Bistro

I found an advertisement in the local newspaper for 50% off entrees at Terra Bistro. This would be the locals appreciation dinner. Thank you locals who are the only people around this time of year. We decided to come after the winter season and before the real summer season started. Why I don't know, but good for us we get to take part in the locals only discounts. Thank you for the $120 meal for only $60. Yes, this is still expensive, but it was pretty fancy to look at and eat.
Coconut Green Curry Pad Thai

My mother dined on Stiped Bass on top of some roasted veggies.

And Father had the Pork Tenderloin, spring roll, and roasted carrots and snow peas.

They were all quite delightful, but I would probably never go there if I had to actually pay the full price. Not worth that much. The restaurant did practice sustainable fish purchasing and purchase 85-100% of organic and sustainable products. Going green gourmet. They had quite the impresive wine book which we declined since we have a case of wine in our room presently.

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  1. Food looks delicous. Hope you are enjoying Colorado!