Thursday, May 27, 2010

Discovering CO adventure

Colorado has without a doubt the healthiest residents in the country. When I was teaching nutrition we would always look at the map of the US with the obesity rates and CO had the lowest rate among the 50 states. We always discussed why this is the truth and being in CO I can really comprehend even more why this is. These people are outdoors taking part in active lifestyles year round. The economy thrives off tourism whether that be winter skiing or summer rafting, hiking, biking, and all things related to being outside. Today my family decided to take part in this activity and rented some bikes. They were awesome.....

Momma Marlene and Sister Tara are getting pumped for this experience. We biked along the river about 5 miles to the next town. This next town is of course another tourist town with shopping stops. We enjoyed a nice lunch outside on the patio of E-Town- bikers paradise.

I dined on the Veggie Pizza complete with sun-dried tomato pesto, artichokes, spinach, feta, and mozzarella. It was most delightful.

Along the bike path was an extremely adorable housing development. I would normally never say the word adorable in the same sentence with housing development, but it really was. The houses were not giant, nor were they all individually fenced, but rather cute and had amazing views. I think I could handle living in this one, complete with amazing dog on the front porch. 
Until later later my friends, I think I can handle this outdoor life. We're off to raft this afternoon and according to the authorities, the water is 40 degrees and the levels are pretty high. Should be exciting!

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