Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lost and found goats

The Lindahl Funny Farm goat story has yet another turn of events. Over a month ago the newest animals on the farm, four boar goats, disappeared. We joked about the fact that these goats didn't even last one week on the farm before taking a hike. We seem to have that kind of luck with animals. You know, the luck involving chasing them across fields and such. Within a day or two with the assistance from handy neighbors these goats were seen in several different places in the area. Being the smart animals they are, these four goats decided to split up, two to a pack. This would be the moment when my father goes out into the countryside making attempts to catch goats after chatting with the neighbors that have sighted them on the run. You see there were several goat sightings. My father spent a couple of days driving around the country looking for goats and chatting with neighbors that had seen them. At this time, two of the goats did make their way back to the farm after a neighbor approximately 4 miles south of us was able to catch them. 

Much time passes and we assume the other two goats have been long sacrificed to the local coyotes. As I type this presently, I hear the herd of coyotes outside my window. We quickly get over it. They're just goats.

Fast forward in time a month or so to this past weekend. My mother sits reading the newspaper and in a loud excited voice reads an article from the Lost & Found section, "Two female goats with red tags found in Dickinson County. Contact the sheriff department." And being Saturday we had to wait until Tuesday to clarify that the goats were indeed ours. Our other neighbor approximately 1 mile south and 4 miles east had been keeping our goats for the past month. Like I said, they split up and went different directions. Apparently they were trying to run back home. Now they're home again. We'll see how long this lasts.

Long lost and now found!


  1. The goats! I'm so glad they are back! Keep them locked up!

  2. SO tonight smarty pants goat decided to figure out how to jump out of the fence again, in a different spot. Case and point, goats are the most difficult animals to keep contained.