Saturday, October 9, 2010

Soirée Success!

Another soirée came and went with a great success. I've found the joys of inviting random people, expecting only a few, and then being blessed with many. I love hanging out with people and I love eating food, so putting the two together makes me quite happy! I truly am blessed with some fabulous friends and neighbors that make the fact that my actual family is small a minor detail.  I love to cook and I love to dine on others' cooking as well. One of my favorite parts of the evening was when my neighbor left me some of her cake for a cinnamon roll that I had made. Genius! Bartering- this is what I'm talking about.

So the fact that people are coming over demands my immediate attention in the kitchen. I did manage to whip up a few items and then managed to photograph none of them. Tonight I took a picture of my leftover butternut squash soup that was mighty tasty.
I made a big pot so the following recipe could be cut in half for a more normal size. Or make the whole thing and freeze some for later when it's freezing outside and nobody wants to cook.

1 large onion
2 stalks celery
1 giant or 2 normal size carrots
1 apple

These I chopped and sauted in a skillet until tender.
I also roasted my butternut squash in the oven until soft as well. I think that after roasting and removing the skin I probably had about 8 cups of squash mash.

2 medium butternut squash
4-8 cups broth

So combine all the veggies in pot and add veggie/chicken broth. I added 4 cups of broth and then pureed with an immersion blender until fairly smooth. I left some chunks but you can process to desired effect. Then add more broth until you get a desired consistency. I added an additional 2 cups of broth. Heat it through and then I added yogurt for a little creamy action, some thyme and pepper. 

About 1 cup plain yogurt
1 Tablespoon thyme

Taste, taste, and taste again until it's just right for you!

Additional joy moments of the evening:
Great people
Amazing weather
Giant bonfire that lasted all of 10 minutes maybe
Hilarious children, specifically one 2nd grader
Roasting marshmallows on the deck in a chimenea 
Neighbors and parents tucked into the little breakfast nook
Outdoor gatherings in the fall with little to no bugs
Getting chilly outdoors
Caramel corn bake off- Sorry Kelsey, Carol's won.
Adorable newly married couple cuddling on my deck
Daddy Doug turned one year older
Plans for the next gathering!

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  1. At least you are honest. I made the KAF Apple Skillet Cake to take to my community gathering tonight. There is none left.