Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stop and Look Around

 Once again I am amazed by the moments I witness while in the middle of creation. Take for example my experience last week while outside. I was in the garden, spending a few moments checking out the plants, picking some produce and I notice a rabbit running around. My presence has obviously alerted the animal, however, this animal is inside the fence and cannot seem to get out. As I walk towards the house I move into the yard at just the right moment to watch my cat pounce on the rabbit as it is trapped against the fence. We're talking about a cat only a small amount larger than the rabbit catching and dragging off a rabbit. I think she thought I might take her prize away because she quickly dragged the animal up to the side of the house and I see her attempt to pull it under the porch. Much to her dismay this is not possible and she sits while I watch.

Meanwhile it dawns on me why on occasion it smells like decomposing animal under our porch. Our amazing cat likes to capture animals, drag them under the porch, and leave them there to decompose. Gross, I decide I must prevent this from happening again. Now the cat has decided to drag the rabbit over the porch and I think that I can shoe her out the gate on the other side, no problem. Much to my dismay, I have forgotten that on the other side of the deck there is no guard fence and she pulls her prize under the porch to do her business. I just hope she ate the whole thing. 

Check out my prized purple bell pepper. This is the prettiest one I have harvested. 

There are no stop signs at my house, but Sunday was a fabulous day for taking pictures in Abilene, Kansas.


  1. Kansas is so beautiful.
    As for the cat/rabbit photo--hmmm, I could maybe do without the visual. haha.

  2. Yes I did think after the fact, maybe the posting on life and death on the farm isn't really necessary. Then again, such is life, and death. But oh so pretty fall leaves!