Sunday, October 10, 2010

Open Windows

I have been rejoicing in the beauty of Autumn much this season. This morning was a delightful crisp morning as I left the house and after making the drive to church the sun was so bright as I got out of my car I felt kinda like I was jump-started to worship. Yesterday my mother and I both enjoyed the fabulous day outside as we worked in the ground preparing for yet another season of beauty. However, the ground was difficult to cultivate because it has been a long while since any moisture has fallen from the sky here. Presently, as I attempt to grade my lab reports I am distracted by the sound of like rain falling from the sky outside my open window. How great is it although we may have to wait some time, the rain does return. 

I am reminded of one of my favorite songs, Cannons by Phil Wickham

And this is why I feel so alive when I am outside enjoying creation and discovering all that it has to offer. It is the display of all God has given us to enjoy, to discover Him in.

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  1. Hi Amanda ~ I'm just now catching up with your blog. Did you know that there's a link from to your blog? I didn't, because i only just discovered it and you've been blogging for months!