Thursday, September 1, 2011

Power salad

If you have never eaten quinoa before, you should definitely get right on it. It is an ancient South American staple grain that has sustained people for centuries. Heart healthy and gluten free this whole grain is also an excellent source of protein. It has the best amino acid profile of all grains and is mighty tasty! My mother had difficulty finding it in the grocery store, but she managed to find this brand. I also know that most stores now carry the Bob's Red Mill package as well. Make it even better and find it in bulk at your local health food store.

The grains have natural saponins on the outside that make them undesirable by pests.
These must be washed off before using. Simply rinse and ready for cooking.

After cooking you can see the germ actually come away
from the seed making it look quite interesting!

My salad with bell peppers, red onions, garlic, black beans,
red wine vinegar, olive oil, S&P, & smoked gouda cheese chunks!
Quinoa is so very easy to make and really serves as a great versatile grain. Use it like you would rice or other grains. It is a bit nutty so it lends well to salads and other mixtures. Go for it! Be amazed by the great healthy ancient food you can eat today!

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  1. I bought some recently and was putting it in the frig, only to discover I already had a pkg in the frig. sigh. Guess I'd better make a big batch and get started using it. :))

    Aunt Carol