Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wedding Cake

I had the honor of making another wedding cake this past weekend. This time I decided to capture the process for those of you that might think it to be something you wanted to try. Although it doesn't look to be that difficult, the numerous steps involved do indeed take time. Time and patience are really all you need for success!

I would like to say that I believe this was the most free flowing, easy as planned, cake baking experience I have had so far. I didn't mess anything up, have to repeat anything, and I had enough of all my ingredients. I believe everything went as planned and I was quite pleased with the final result. Nice and simple is what I go for. 

Start off by baking your greatest cake formula. I went with my classic white wedding cake formula. It has served me well. There are 3 tiers to this cake with two layers in each tier, making 6 initial cake layers out of the oven.

Next comes the stacking of the cakes, but before this one must level the layers. Do this so that the cake layers are perfectly flat on top. 
Make sure you drink some wine to keep your sanity through the process!
 This is the leveled cake with the filling. I added the buttercream filling topped with slightly thinned raspberry jam. It makes a pretty final product and just a bit of added surprise flavor. After this filling is applied go ahead and stack that layer on top. 

 Two layers are together and get their initial crumb layer of frosting. This thin layer of frosting is applied to simply trap in the crumbs. Don't worry, just slap it on thinly and then refrigerate for enough time that the frosting is solid. This usually takes an hour or so. Then you're ready for the final frosting. 

Lather on the frosting baby. Everybody loves frosting as long as it's not that disgusting overly sugar sweet crap found on most grocery bakery cakes. This buttercream is not too sweet and most delightful! I slather it on and then do my smoothing. 

I must say that I usually avoid the attention to overly detailed cake decorating. If you've ever seen cakes that look so perfect they look fake or plastic like, this is probably the effect of fondant. Not a fan, I only work with the good stuff. My cakes will always resemble real food complete with minor flaws.

I have come to greatly appreciate cake stands. They make cake life so much easier!

Mmm cake!

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  1. Yummy indeed. And pretty. I gather that you apply each little dot separately? The triangles of dots are so evenly spaced, they almost look like a stamp. Rock on!! Did they put any flowers on the cake? I certainly agree about the cake stand. csl