Sunday, September 18, 2011


This morning I made my very first attempt at a 10-mile run. Now I don't run with headphones and I also run solo so I have had plenty of time to think. I always think that during my runs I should spend more time praying. That usually lasts about a sentence or two of thought before I have to focus on continuing to pick up my feet and move. Occasionally my prayers or thoughts get audible and this morning would be one of those times. I was gone for about 2 hours this morning and in that time there were numerous times when I said, "Okay Lord, thank you for giving me a body that can move, legs and arms that go back and forth and a heart that can handle it. However, right now I really need extra help in the strength to continue moving. Lord, I need help! Please and thank you!"

This coming week is my taper week before the big half-marathon on Sunday the 25th. Although today was definitely a little rough and my legs were definitely sore afterwards, I'm going for it; 13 miles here I come!

On another random note, tonight I'm also thankful for the internet that I seem to be snatching from a kind neighbor. I turned on my computer in just this spot on my kitchen table to listen to music and I have seemed to find some wireless internet. The clouds must be positioned in just the right spot, because I've picked up this internet before for only a matter of moments, but tonight it's going strong for me. Yah!

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