Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hard at Work!

Shoffner and I make a great team. In the week or so since we've been back I feel like we have accomplished a great deal of work. Despite the ridiculous heat, we managed to be productive each day starting at 6am and coming back inside around noon when the heat was simply unbearable. A few of our projects:
Successful two compartment compost bin. The boards in front slide out for easy loading, turning, and unloading. We put that roof on to keep our unnecessary rain and moisture. One side will be for adding to and the other side will be curing/creating amazing organic matter.

Successfully installed two rain barrels. These barrels I managed to obtain from the bake lab after dumping their contents earlier this summer. We got the necessary spouts, mesh screen covering and cut into those gutters for a great method of collecting rain run-off. They are actually full at this precise moment as the day of installation we got a giant storm that filled them instantly. Very exciting!

We also managed to find the very first chicken egg! I was thinking it would be another month of so, but much to our delight, our two chickens are producing!
We also spent one morning in full outer garments slicing, dicing, throwing, and hauling limbs and firewood that has been hanging out in our driveway ditch for over a month now. Still more to do, but holy cow it gets hot out there in the sun! Many garden weeds have seen there last day. Many garden tomatoes, okra, eggplant, and peppers have been harvested and enjoyed. And millions of ticks have been flicked, picked off, and cursed at as we battle the most disgusting battle yet against the tick infestation out there. It's a serious battle!

We also hosted one amazing Soiree #3 at the Lindahl farm. They just keep getting better.

My bestie is off visiting family before she returns to the Philly ghetto on Wednesday. It's been great, but now back to work for us both as I return to the great KSU bake lab on Monday.

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  1. Great job Amanda! you better start washing your hair in the the rain water!