Friday, August 27, 2010

Organic Gardening

I had the amazing opportunity to give a presentation to the Dickinson County Gardeners Guild this past week. My amazing neighbor that heads up a lot of the activities asked me to speak about organic gardening and my travels on working on organic farms. It was so fun and I definitely learned a lot. There is nothing quite like being the position of teaching that makes one learn so much. I think I learned more the night before as I attempted to put together a powerpoint presentation and was reading book and websites for about 4 hours. I do believe my friends on organic farms would be proud of me for at least planting a few seeds in the minds of rural Kansans. I even got to tell them about Permaculture, Community Supported Agriculture, and even composting toilets. Got some really great facial expressions!

I do believe that people just simply need to be exposed to new things and generally they are more responsive than we think. Education is just so critical. I've got a lot to do and could really use some help out here......any takers?

I made a few treats just to make a few friends and get the night started out right. 
Panzanella Salad (fabulous way to use up those tomatoes)

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