Saturday, August 14, 2010

Philly Fun

I made my second visit to the city of Philadelphia to visit my bestie, Miss Jessica Shoffner. After leaving Dave at the Manchester, NH airport on Monday, August 2nd, Kelsey and I traveled to Philly to pick up Shoff for our return trip to Kansas. We did manage to spend a day hanging out around Philly and found a few memorable moments.

This would be me going Wow! It's the Liberty Bell! I've finally seen this treasure.

That's right! We got love!

And for a little bit of Reading Terminal goodness. I could spend much time in there and much money as well on quality food from so many places. Shoffner and her roomies get their weekly CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) from Lancaster County Farms which is a group of over 60ish different farm providers. So amazing!

Quite possibly another one of my favorite photos taken by the greatest, Miss Kelsey Fairfield!
Just a little bit of teamwork as we haul those veggies home.

After our short visit, Jessica, Kelsey, and I made the two day trip back to Kansas arriving on Thursday, August 5th. It's been a whirlwind of activity since then as Shoffner and I have been busy at work on the farm earning some cash from Daddy Doug to pay for us to live to dream.

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