Friday, August 13, 2010

Quick Return to Vermont

After a very eventful conference time in Maine, Kelsey, Dave and I back west for a bit of exploration in Vermont. This would be my second trip through the great states of New Hampshire and Vermont on this travel expedition but definitely the first time for my great friend Kelsey that joined the trip. We drove across the remainder of the state of Maine, through New Hampshire and just into Vermont on Highway 2, aka Kancamagus, aka Kangamangas highway. It was a beautiful drive across the northern section of these states. We passed by several more of these signs:
Almost as if I was calling the moose with my repeated moose noises, a female moose appeared on the side of the road just munching her happy dinner away. Dave, a profession at speedy reactions, slammed on the brakes, did a u-turn in the road and drove back for proper photo taking. We were a little too slow and apparently too obvious because she moseyed her way back into the forest before we could record her presence in our cameras.  

After a delightful drive we enjoyed the amazing sunset over a quaint lake just over the state line in Vermont. We managed to stay two nights with some great friends of Dave's and enjoyed several hours of relaxation, along with some joyful kayaking and canoeing.

Kelsey and I simply living the dream!

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