Monday, August 30, 2010

Eating from the Garden

I believe some of the best eating comes straight from the garden. Today I was blessed to create two dishes with produce straight out of the garden. It was a mighty fine cooking day. 

I started out the day in Kansas City interviewing for a position at Harvesters- The Community Food Network. I interviewed for a Nutrition Services Coordinator which is a position very similar to what I did as an AmeriCorps member. Harvesters is an amazing organization and they are definitely growing to meet the ever increasing need of the hungry. After the typical interview question and answer session, I was able to complete my very own food network challenge. I was given 20 minutes to prepare a presentation in the kitchen using produce from their garden and non-perishable items from the pantry. I could do anything, imagining I was presenting a nutrition lesson to an agency. It was super fun and I took advantage of the fresh squash, tomatoes, Chinese purple beans, and peppers. I think my dish was pretty tasty, too bad I didn't get to eat more of it.

After a fabulous afternoon making four giant pans of apple/pear crisp in the bake lab I hurried home a little famished. I was so excited and anxious to make some great dinner that I went straight to work as soon as I entered the house. I whipped up another delight comprised of all great things out of the garden. This one included: red onion, carrots, red bell peppers, eggplant, tofu and a crazy Asian black bean garlic sauce. I made some brown rice to go along. As I finished the creation I went into my father's office to announce my dinner and found him MIA. Having no idea where my mother or father were at this hour I ate alone. It was a great meal.

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