Monday, September 6, 2010

Granola with Jamie

My friend Jamie is going away. She is the most traveled person that I know personally and it brings me great joy to hear about all the places she goes. She is getting ready to get on a ship and travel to Hawaii, Tahiti, South Pacific, and New Zealand. She is a rockstar and I am jealous. She came to hang out with me for an afternoon and my friend Jamie came prepared. She knows that upon entering our home there is probably going to be something to do in the kitchen. Let's remember, I spend spare time in the kitchen, always. Anyway Jamie and I made some granola together. It was quite scrumptious.

Jamie chopped up tons of almonds to go in our granola along with oats, cinnamon, mucho honey, a little molasses, oil, butter, dried cranberries, normal size raisins, and giant golden raisins.

Then I had to instruct my parents that this is not something to be devoured in entire bowl of cereal fashion. It is to be savored. Added on top of yogurt, or perhaps a bowl of oatmeal. If you eat too much of this in one setting, you best get to making it yourself. It's oh so good and there is a reason why those little bags of it in the store cost so much. 

I also showed Jamie my harvest of a kidney bean crop. It's lame, but I'm proud. That's all folks, guess I should have instructed my mother earlier that those bean plants were not green beans to be picked small and frozen, but indeed kidney beans meant to stay on the plant and come to giant red kidney bean size. Oops, better luck next time maybe?


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  2. Was this the Ciril Hitz recipe?

  3. No, I completely forgot about that recipe. Next time. This began as a King Arthur recipe and then I just threw in whatever I wanted, in quantities that looked good.