Sunday, September 19, 2010


Mom and I went to an auction on this fine past Saturday morning. I was a little reluctant to go to an auction, but with the determination of my father I ended up there in search of chain link fence for the chicken fencing project we shall be starting next weekend. Dad had a prior engagement so off to the races of an auction in Abilene, Kansas Mother and I went with the list neatly underlined with important things to look for. We found the chain link fence and a few other items on the list. There really weren't very many people at the auction so it moved pretty fast and the auctioneers actually were able to start memorizing my #92. Apparently I didn't fit in with the farmers and ranchers present in cowboy boots as I was wearing my Rural Center softball shirt, rolled up jeans, and my Chacos. They caught on to me pretty fast and I really enjoyed getting into the whole bidding process. It's always more fun when it's Dad's money I'm spending. I did get good deals though on the six foot tall chain link fence, the 8 foot treated wood posts, the bucket of random fence hardware, the one homemade poultry water heater, and the one plastic barrel. 

We're now ready for action in creation of a 75x75 foot fenced in area for the chickens and the new rain barrel I hope to construct. Next weekend the youth group is coming out to assist in this construction along with painting the house addition, chicken coop, and some other random to be determined projects. Should be another interesting Saturday.

My Saturday preservation project was an attempt to create fire roasted green chilis. We have several plants in the garden and no possible way to eat all of them fresh, so preservation is the way. Step 1: Throw all the green chilies on the grill and let them roast. 
The idea is to lightly blacken the skins. I think I let them roast a little too long. I wouldn't recommend roasting chilies, making granola, and preparing falafels all at the same time. After roasting plop them into a plastic bag or a bowl and cover for 10-15 minutes. This loosens the skins and allows for easy peeling.
After they have cooled to manageable heat, peel off those skins, remove the stems and seeds and you now have fire-roasted green chilies. 
I went ahead and chopped mine up, divided them into 4 oz packages and froze them. Just like that little can of green chilies you might pay a dollar for in the store. It takes time, but these are renewable resources out here right now.

I also was feeling the need for a restored granola supply and went ahead and made the Ciril Hitz recipe I received from The Kneading Conference. Mmm. good. It has a great carmelized oats flavor, cruchy texture, and overall awesome granola.


  1. I can TOTALLY picture you at the auction getting into the biding. You seem to make an impression everywhere you go :) Yay for granola!

  2. I just realized I forgot to put in the dried fruit. Man it's tasty without.