Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Got the Myrtle, Where's the Beach?

I think we may be losing the beach. Actually, to be quite honest, we saw the beach yesterday afternoon between the morning and evening rain sessions. We flew into Myrtle Beach in the rain and according to the weather there is supposed to be up to 10 inches by Friday. It's not going to stop raining until after we leave. But Shoffner and I have made the most of it. Let's just say it's a good thing there is a dryer in our room to dry all our wet clothes and shoes. What does one do when in vacationland without a vehicle and it's raining? Take advantage of all the free activities put on by this fabulous Sheraton. We missed out on water aerobics, but we did get our free wellness exam and have plans to take part in the wine pairing workshop this evening at a local bakery/cafe called Croissants. I've watched more television in the past 2 days than in the past month, and I'm almost finished with book #1. We're on vacation and for the first time, I actually feel like I've been relaxing and not constantly going, going, going. Oh and we've gotten 11 hours of sleep both nights. Praise the Lord for quality rest.

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  1. It's been raining in VT a lot too. This sounds like a premium Sheraton you're staying at. Soak up that sleep. I'm glad you are actually relaxing! What book?