Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cornfields, Silos, and the Coleman.

This weekend I took another road trip. This time with these two gangstas right here:
We traveled to Worthing, South Dakota for the world's largest free Christian music festival called Lifelight. It took place in the middle of a giant corn field. A family recently donated their 200 and some odd acres to the Lifelight organization for this very festival. The land used to be all corn, but now has been planted to a grass/alfalfa mix to make way for giant mega screens, campsites, and popcorn stands. The land was oh so flat and all centered around this farmstead. Complete with grain bins, silos, a farmhouse, and newly constructed bath houses.
We enjoyed some good music, but I might be lying if I didn't tell you that one of my favorite parts of the trip was being the camp chef. Mind you, we didn't actually cook more than 3 times, it was still a big highlight. Here would be our first lunch time complete with cheddarwursts (I really can't believe I ate them, but they were oh so good) and a really great veggie rice concoction of mine.
I also thoroughly enjoyed the bag of kettle corn we got the size of a small child.  I think I personally ate 3/4 of the bag. Another treat I haven't had in oh so long.

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  1. MMM cheddar wursts :) Glad to see you are expanding your horizons Amanda. I adore kettle corn. I would've gotten a bag the size of a large child and eaten it all with no shame.