Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Long lost BFF

It's been about a week since anybody has seen my dear Lady dog. I think that Lucky is suffering from withdrawal; he's lost his BFF. We're pretty sure she wandered into the woods to go hang out in doggie heaven. Lucky now sits right outside the fence door, no longer wallowing in the pit of ash or even so much hanging out on the sand pile. Poor dog doesn't have anybody to play with anymore or go on adventures with. 

Today as I went for my jog he followed me the entire way. Lucky is old and those two have definitely stopped following me places a while ago. Usually he'll follow out to the mailbox and then sit and wait. Today as I stopped and turned around at the 2.5 mile mark there he was, panting like crazy. I got a little worried that he wouldn't make it back home. I got so concerned in his slowing step that I stopped at Grandma and Grandpa's house to see if I could get him some water. After wandering around back for a bit, Lucky was no where to be found so I continued my way on home. I assumed he had stopped for a drink in the pond along the way. As I made my way down the hill and across the bridge over the creek closer to home I heard this noise coming out of the creek. A little alarmed I turned back to see what crazy giant animal I scared out of the water. It was Lucky! Apparently as I was looking for a watering dish he booked it on by looking for the refreshing creek to bath in.  He's smarter than I thought.

Now I'm wondering if the fact about human partners death will be the same for dogs. If a human female dies before the male partner, then males are more likely to die shortly after than females in the same situation. I wonder if this shall be true for dogs as well. When will Lucky go? Sooner or later? It doesn't really matter, they've both lived good long lives. I got them when I was a sophomore in high school, almost 10 years ago, and they produced my first income, kept away many of varmits, wiped their slobber on me way too much, and provided great conversation. 

Sometimes I feel a little like Lucky must be feeling now.  The people that know me the best, eat the food I eat, hang out doing the same things I love to do, pick me up when I am down, and challenge me to keep on going are a long way away as well. The greatest thing is I'll meet up with them again real soon and that's what makes us BFFs- best friends forever. No matter how long it is, there will always be a common bond and a great story to tell.


  1. Oh, Amanda. Such a sobering and hopeful post. I would like to think I completely understand the feeling. All my dear people so far away. But sometimes I forget we'll all be together again. Thank-you for the reminder!

  2. Amanda, you've written a wonderful assessment of our friendship. I am so very thankful you're in my life. Love and miss you!