Sunday, August 8, 2010

Quick Recap

Well Friends, it has been a whirlwind of events that never seem to stop. I just wanted to give a brief recap:

After a fabulous week hanging out in the forest of New Hampshire, I ventured to Manchester, NH to pick up my  work partners, Dave and Kelsey, for a conference in Maine. (Actually, just to clarify, Dave whom I have been recently vacationing with and traveling Vermont and Maine with is my boss, advisor, life coach, and sometimes father. He is NOT my boyfriend. It's kinda humorous but apparently I have not made that clear so here I am making it clear.) So we traveled to Skowhegan, Maine for The Kneading Conference. It was an amazing experience meeting some really great people and eating our faces off.

After a delightful 3 days in Maine, we ventured back over through New Hampshire to Vermont for a couple of days on a beautiful lake where Kelsey and I enjoyed some kayaking, canoeing, and more ice cream. We made a stop at King Arthur Flour for some possible job interviews and then headed back to Manchester, NH to send Dave on his happy plane way back to KS. Kelsey and I made the 7 hour trip to Philadelphia through 7 states to my best friend, Jessica Shoffner's, abode. After a quick day in Philly we made the two day adventure of a straight road trip back to Kansas.

We arrived back Thursday night and have not stopped to hear silence just yet. The garden that I so tenderly cared for before leaving is a giant mess and we are in the process of harvesting everything, ridding the space of giant weeds, and getting ready to plant some fall crops and cover crops. We have several projects to work on this next week and could probably work forever and still find things to do.

Oh and Dad bought two pups and four goats. The Lindahl family farm is now legit; we have four dogs, two chickens, and four goats bought but not yet arrived. Craziness!

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  1. Puppies???? wow, what kind? Milk goats or meat goats? Oh I have all sorts of questions. By the way, your folks brought me some of your squash. It is wonderful with just a shot of butter. However, those little rascals are not worth it in my book since they produce almost more seed than edible parts. Of course I'm used to the watermelon sized squash where you can really get alot of meat out of it. And when I grew zucchini, they also were the size of watermelons. lolol Glad you have some great help in clearing up the gardens. And I imagine the more orange inerds are more sellable to folks.

    Yes, Maine is a great state to wander around & live in as several of our relatives would attest. Glad you made it home and hope to see you labor day weekend.


    Aunt Carol