Thursday, May 26, 2011

Different kind of vacation

I returned safe and sound from my time away in Cali. It was definitely a vacation in the sense that I left life in Abilene, took time off of work, and traveled away. However, it was not the kind of vacation where you spend tons of money, go site seeing, and eat out every meal. My time spent in LA was definitely some of the most eye opening, discouraging and encouraging all at the same time. The society we live in is generally discouraging to think about all the junk that goes on, but then again it was so encouraging to take part in the lifestyle of the Catholic Worker with the general purpose to love people.

I will say that there were three highlights of the trip besides serving at the Hippie Kitchen: 1- matching tattoos with my best friends. That's right I have a permanent, for real tattoo of a bison on my left ankle. Alecia and Shoff have the same tattoo that symbolizes strength and prosperity, a complete way of life and heritage of the state of Kansas. 2- authentic Mexican tamales and champurrado from a random lady on the street. She drives down the street, parks, gets out and yells at the top of her lungs for lucky people like me to purchase amazing food out of the back of her minivan. Definitely passes health department code. 3- walking tour of downtown LA. This tour started with a jaunt through skid row, past some amazing architecture buildings, up many stairs, through the Disney gardens, and complete with a ride on the shortest train in the world.

I still feel like I am trying to sort through all the thoughts, feelings and emotions that I experienced while visiting. Serving homeless people on a daily basis and offering smiles, hellos and free food can put life into a whole different perspective.

One thing that I am struggling with is my place of living. Due to some recent events that drastically change my life in community I am so very uncertain about living in this town of Abilene. It's so crazy how fast life changes and circumstances change. Less than three months ago I was so excited to be moving into the town of Abilene, being closer to friends, and the life that I really thought was growing with purpose there. Today I know there is still great purpose but the difficulties and trials are definitely showing themselves. Such is life, if we were in control of everything and everything went the way we wanted it to, then we would think we were God. I suppose it's a lesson in surrendering my plans for the plans of God. Nonetheless, I'm not sold on my present location and actually have had many thoughts of being elsewhere lately. There's something about hanging out in a giant Victorian mansion for a week with 20ish other people to make living solo seem completely lame!

This weekend I do get to spend time on another little mini vacation. I'm actually house/dog sitting for friends in Manhattan and do count this as a vacation. I think that any time I'm out of the normal house it counts as vacation. I have plans to do lots of sewing with the random free fabric I brought home from work yesterday as well as read several books that I've been carting around. The dogs, Fontella and Fizbo, and I shall take many walks as well and I'm hoping to catch some thrift stores and the farmers' market. That's my agenda for the weekend and stay tuned for some long overdue blogging updates!

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  1. Wow Amanda, it looks like your garden is really shaping up! And you have been traveling too!
    I can see you are busy, and hope you are happy and healthy too.
    Mike the Couchsurfer