Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dining Delights

I have had numerous dining delights the past several days while inhabiting this house. These people are definitely foodies and I've enjoyed partaking in their arsenal of kitchen supplies. Let's just say that these people have about 10 different random half, quarter or crumb loaves of bread in the freezer. Makes for great accompaniments to my dining delights.

I'm in love with this spoon.
See that cut-out on the handle for resting on the pot?

My breakfast delight: Muesli with yogurt, fresh strawberries, and almonds!

Here's a note about eating fresh, local food. I may have just made this realization, but see how those strawberries are bright red throughout the berry? When slicing down through they are completely bright red, no white centers that most people are probably used to from the strawberries bought in a typical grocery store. Why the difference? These were picked a few days ago from my very own garden and they were picked when they were ripe. They did not have to travel several hundreds or thousands of miles so they did not demand picking while un-ripe. I bought some strawberries in the grocery store just a couple of weeks ago and it is indeed berry season so they were even on sale. However, upon inspection, they had lighter colored cores and some even exhibited green tips. Definitely not ripe! Their flavor lacked something fierce and compared to these beauties I've been dining on this week, Shame!

Note to all mankind: EAT LOCAL!

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