Monday, May 30, 2011

Urban Garden

I planted two gardens this year. I planted my garden as usual at the family homestead and then when given the opportunity to plow up the back yard of my quad-plex apartment I jumped! Thus births my urban garden. It's small to me, although in comparison to the few I've noticed in my neighborhood, pretty large. My first attempts at planting resulted in a nice deconstruction by the neighborhood rabbits. I was so mad, they demolished everything. I then replanted some tomatoes, put up some makeshift cages and left for a week of vacation. I was delighted to come home from vacation and still have a garden. My tomatoes, peppers, beans, and squash are doing quite well now. I have also planted corn and plan to put in some okra and more beans soon.
I'm really enjoying my little cucumber bed I created.
Rain barrel installed thanks to landlord Bob!

This picture is horrible. I must mulch in the next 5 minutes as well.
A few pots just to be safe and up and away from critters. 

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  1. lol Welcome to city life with animals. Not that you didn't have any in Mo., but seems like they are more plentiful in Kansas. :)) Sounds like you have a great landlord!!

    Aunt Carol